Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Coding Kata

I was recently introduced to Coding Katas. I actually consider myself a practitioner of this but without realising it had a name and I haven't been working on the examples on that website, I'd just been doing some other stuff but using new technologies.

I recently undertook "Kata 14" and pumped out a solution in an evening. Good fun! And the output is actually quite interesting too. While I had a specific reason for doing this, I might actually be tempted to keep it updated and improve it and see if I can get it to produce even better results.

In other news, I'm currently working on a task management system based on OSGi, GWT and an DB4O in my spare time (currently my train journeys to and from work). It is actually coming together very quickly. Programming the front end with an easy API like GWT helps a lot, as does not having to worry about mapping my objects to an RDBMS. It just works. Can't say I'll have it it available any time soon as I haven't bothered to outline any specific requirements for it, I'm just throwing it together to see what the technologies can do and how they can help me.

I may well shelve it and work on a game instead, though I have no idea what!

I'm also quite looking forward to EclipseCon 2008 - if I can get my employer to cough up for it. Not holding my breath though as I suspect it will fall right in the middle of some busy work period. :(


Pete said...

The code kata site looks interesting, I'll check it out.

So what book did you feed in and did you get any interesting results?

Chris Brind said...

I used Ulysess by James Joyce. Here's a sample of my output:

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Pete said...

"slowly with a picture of sinner's death showing him a cropeared creature of her blouse. Little dog, die."

Classic! :)

Chris Brind said...

LOL yeah, I thought that was pretty funny too. =)