Tuesday, 6 November 2007

USB Mobile Internet

There seems to be a few mobile internet deals popping up these days.

Vodafone's "best" deal appears to be £49 for the modem (+vat) then £25 per month (+vat) with a fair usage cap of 3gb on an 18 month contract at up to 7.2mbs (faster than i can get at home). shame because i like vodafone, but that's just too expensive.

Tmobile has a similar deal, but with free modem, though you can get 10gb data allowance for around £39, and their prices include vat, unlike vodafone. However, I've never liked Tmobile, though can't put a finger on why.

The best deal so far appears to be "3", who's prices include vat and appear to be more transparent. 7gb per month including modem for £25 inc vat. I need a demo, to see if it's as easy as the Vodafone modem (literally plug it in to your laptop and off you go) and I need some assurance that if it turns out to be rubbish I can cancel my contract. I don't live in London, so coverage isn't likely to be as good.

I really want this as I use my laptop a lot when I'm on the move. Certainly I spend an hour or more a day on the train so having internet would be really helpful. However, I'm starting a new job in december and think they will be giving me a new mobile phone. So I'll either be transfering my new number (and they pay the bill) or just dumping my existing contract all together. Either way it'll free up some money for one of these gadgets, which means I can work and play on the move!

For now, I'll leave it and see what happens. Prices may even come down in a month and the deals may change now that 2 big vendors are online with it. Come on Orange, where are you?


Magicpete said...

Hmm... I wouldn't go for either option. I'm on T-Mobile - using their Flext contract and with Web'n'Walk plus I just use my phone as a USB modem. Wouldn't that work out a lot cheaper?

Chris Brind said...

can you get 2mb internet like that though?