Thursday, 11 September 2008

Arum DataEye

In work related news, I have been continuing work on Arum DataEye, our near-real time management information dashboard built on Solstice.

Our first customer is getting ready to go live soon and now Vince is back from his medical leave the team is back at full strength and eager to get DataEye delivered. I'm sure there will be a case study when that happens, so watch this space.

Below is an extremely simplistic Flex application that I put together which helps to demonstrate what Arum DataEye is essentially about. (Sorry about the size)

Arum DataEye has a customer and technology agnostic data repository which is easily extended through our pluggable administration interface allowing us to integrate DataEye with any host system you care to throw at us. Our consultants are experts at analysing host systems so that Arum DataEye can make periodic requests for live data without impacting operational performance. The data is retrieved, stored in our data repository and then displayed on a user's dashboard on demand using Flex, providing a rich and interactive dashboard for monitoring the performance of everything from user and team based call centre statistics to host system uptime.

While Arum DataEye is primarily a tool for getting your management information now, future versions of DataEye will also support forecasting, allowing you to make predictions and pro-actively change your strategies in order for your business to satisfy its key performance indicators.

If you'd like more information about how Arum DataEye can unlock your data now, instead of next week or next month, feel free to contact Arum by clicking here.

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