Monday, 8 June 2009

osgijc and osgibb moved to eclipseosgitools

I decided to the merge the osgijc and osgibb projects in to a single project which can be found here:

I need to do something about the Service Provider (internal Sun API) dependency in osgijc, but otherwise they are both usable and I use them all the time for live projects.

I also plan to add more tools for assisting with OSGi projects build with Eclipse. I don't like to specify meta information in more than one place. MANIFEST.MF is readable enough for me and even easier when using PDE, however, there's a lack of tools for actually doing anything with that project outside of Eclipse, e.g. headless building. osgijc can compile your Java code based on the information in your project, and likewise osgibb can build your project in to an OSGi bundle (Jar file).

The next tool might be something along the lines of (or along side of) Ivy for dependency management. I have found Ivy to be really useful (especially with the repository) but it annoys me that I yet again have to declare meta information about my bundles in Ivy files - all that information is already in the files generated by Eclipse!

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