Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Money Tracker for iPhone

Money Tracker is the simplest financial application on the App Store. It is a no frills day to day money tracker to help you watch your spending easily and quickly.

To start, click the button in the lower left to set a spending amount. Then simply add expense items to subtract from your spending amount and you'll be show how much you've got left, or how much you're over.

You can also mark an item as a credit and this will add instead of subtract from your spending amount.

Great for students or people on a tight budget trying to rein in their disposable income!

Money Tracker is only available in English, but it does support your local currency according to your iPhone's setting - so don't worry if you use Euros, Dollars, Yen, Pounds or anything else - it will still make sense!

If you find problems please comment here!

Screen Shots:

My First iPhone App!

I've just submitted my first iPhone app - Money Tracker... a port of my Android app to iPhone. It's been a very interesting journey and once I got stuck in to it I was actually surprised how easy it is. I'm sure I've still a lot to learn, though.

I'll be posting more details in my next post, which I'll be using as the web page for the application.