Tuesday, 22 February 2011

My New Role at GFI Software Ltd

On February the 14th I was pleased accept the position of Development Team Leader at GFI Software Ltd as part of the Max business unit. You can read more about GFI on their website.

I'll be responsible for the technical delivery of GFI's next strategic project working with a new team, in a new office out of Edinburgh city centre... and yes! We are recruiting!

The role is a fairly significant change in direction for me in a couple of ways...

Firstly, I'll be less hands on than in previous roles. I won't be giving up coding all together, but my leadership responsibilities are expected to take up a significant chunk of the time I would have previously spent coding.

Secondly the technology stack I'm working with is a change from the usual Java related technologies and is based on a LAMP stack, where the P is PHP. I've always been a fan of the language so was quite excited to be offered a role in which I can use PHP commercially. Front end technology utilises Ext-JS, a rich Internet application framework written in JavaScript, while there will also be regular delves in to C++ to create lightweight native Windows applications.

However, I'll still be keeping my hand in with Java, OSGi and Vaadin, just not in a commercial capacity any more and of course I'll still be doing the occasional side project using Android and iOS.

So interesting times ahead... I am still recruiting my team and will be kicking off this new project in the next couple of weeks. Am looking forward to making a significant contribution to GFI's success over the next few months.

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jockielugs said...

When do we get to hear about your new role and its effect on perplentropy?