Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Long time no ... whatever :)

So yeah, it's been a while. I had a short stint at GFI Software which I really enjoyed, but ultimately decided it wasn't for me.

I'm doing Eclipse RCP and Java development for a large multi-national investment bank in Glasgow on a 12 month contract. It's a seriously intense Agile gig (100% pair programming and true TDD approach) and I'm really impressed with their set-up.

I have to admit I'd been somewhat jaded after experiences at previous financial institutions, but so far ... very good times. :)


Paul Nattrass said...

Chris, I'd love to hear your experiences of the pair programming stuff. Do you feel it's actually producing results faster.

Chris Brind said...

I'm not sure faster is the best metric. My experience while at JP Morgan (the investment bank alluded to above) is that most takes took roughly 75% less time than if done solo due to the fact you can't really slack off/get distracted from the task at hand and if you don't know how to do something the other person probably does (or can be finding out while you're coding).

The other benefit (probably the primary one) is that your code is under constant review so the quality is going to be vastly improved which of course reduces costs in the long run.

Hope that helps. Not heard from you in a while mate. :)

Paul Nattrass said...

Great stuff Chris, just wanted to hear from someone actually partaking in an XP setup. Those reasons are exactly why I'd like to pair program. I imagine it's a good way to spread knowledge through a team as well. In the public sector we tend to be left to code on our own with very little sharing of knowledge, we're talking a single developer to a project, with only a single person understanding the design.

Been very busy Chris, I finally realised the connection between hard work and increased like outlook. Oh, and coding is bloody addictive.

Chris Brind said...

Yes, of course, forgot to mention the knowledge sharing thing. That's another big reason why the team I was working with at JPMorgan did it. They tend to have a lot of contractor/consultancy staff and don't want that knowledge to disappear once they inevitably leave so pair programming armours them against that.

You should come up for a visit dude. You're welcome any time, family and all. :)