Friday, 2 March 2012

Biannul update

It seems to be that I only update this blog a couple of times a year now. I'm not going to promise to do otherwise as that will just set me up for a #fail, thought I do have a post to write about a concerning Apple issue that I'm sure most app developers ignore and they really shouldn't.

But back to the point, what is going on with me now?

6 months at the large investment bank in Glasgow flew by and it could have easily gone on for much longer, but I was approach by a large multi-national to join their mobile centre of excellence in Edinburgh. This is also on a contract but for a much longer engagement and with the potential to expand my business ( Ltd) in ways that would normally involve a lot of risk and effort.

The result is I am now working with a brainy bunch of folk on innovative mobile oriented solutions. I've only been here for four weeks and have already used a whole raft of technologies. The product I'm working on is very exciting and the kind of thing that everyone will be using in 18-24 months, especially with the mainstream arrival of NFC (near-field communications) technology in mobile devices.

My OSGi focus is slowly disappearing. The space is moving along rapidly with new specifications and innovations, but I find that even though the potential adopters I am working with are very interested in the concepts, pragmatically "Spring and Maven does the job". I was extremely skeptical about this, but I have to admit, the combination of these two technologies allows me to build fairly complex modular applications in very little time at all, even more so when you use something like Spring Roo to do the heavy lifting for you. I never thought I'd say it, but I'm beginning to become a Maven and Spring convert. However, I still hope to work with OSGi on a large scale project, it might even happen here if keep evangelising enough.

But I finally get to exercise my love for smart mobile devices and am getting to build a large scale enterprise system working both with mobile clients (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile) and server architecture (Java, Cloud technology, SOA principles) deployed both in the public cloud and within private cloud configurations. Exciting times ahead.

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