Monday, 2 July 2012

Open Web Micro Blogging

I love Twitter.  No, that's wrong.  I love micro-blogging and Twitter seems to be the de-facto standard service for doing that.  It allows me to interact with hundreds of people, many of which I would never have access to.  These relationships can be long term or entirely temporary.  They can be friends, celebrities or companies.

Twitter makes this form of communication and interaction available to everyone with very little effort.  However, it is a centralised service and that means someone else is in control of your data.  Recent developments suggest that Twitter are going to shut down certain clients.  In addition to this Twitter is becoming more and more commercialised with sponsored tweets appearing in your timeline, adverts when you click on links and so on.

So the web should be an open place and resistant to censorship, shut downs and so on.   To create a Twitter-like service that does not depend on Twitter (or any other similar service) you need to decentralise, but that's not easy for people who are not developers or highly technical.  

So how do we do it and, in order to keep the real value of Twitter, how do we keep it easy for the masses to adopt?

Well, I'm not entirely sure, but inspired by the second link above, I've created this community on to encourage discussion and perhaps come up with a plan.


Anonymous said...

There's already StatusNet (, an example implementation of which is Identica ( I'm also involved with buddycloud ( but that's more about the federated and less about the micro.

Chris Brind said...

I never did get around to looking at buddycloud... but since then I have discovered this relatively new project based on BT Sync: