Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Cross Platform Swift - Language of the future, today?

I'm very keen on the idea of cross platform Swift just now.

Swift is a great language which manages to be easy to use while being powerful, two traits that most languages just can't claim.   As such, I am already seeing a surge in the interest of this language, and once the Foundation settles down and writing Swift for other platforms (especially Android) becomes easier, I can fully imagine that it will become an effective cross platform tool that will basically make the likes of Xamarin redundant.

In the mean time there is a way to go, but I haven't seen such enthusiasm for this since Java.

Check out the following links:

Altconf: Cross Platform Swift - https://realm.io/news/altconf-boris-bugling-cross-platform-swift/

Swift in the Google Play Store - https://medium.com/@ephemer/why-we-put-an-app-in-the-android-play-store-using-swift-96ac87c88dfc#.9tgt30q7h

There's already a couple of web server implementations.  I have already had great success with PerfectServer.org and the above Altconf video talks about Frank.  High performance micro-services written in Swift?  Yes please.

 The language has a great future, but it makes me wonder about the value of another really interesting project: J2Objc, a transpiler that takes Java code and spits out Objective-C.  Google already used this to achieve 60% re-use across iOS, Android and GWT.  But are its days numbered?

That's enough gush for now, I'll keep on eye on the progress of Swift as a cross-platform language and report back as news comes in or when I get around to doing experiments.